The tough little Nook Simple Touch

nook_nstWorking with some local area clubs, we’ve found the Nook Simple Touch tablets to be pretty robust tools.  The batteries do not like the cold but have endured all sorts of other abuse.  Rained on, left in a stage bucket, dropped in the mud, man-handled by technology adverse volunteers and they’ve taken it in stride.  The Nook Simple Touch Glows have been pretty robust and very nice for night matches.  Nicks in the screen show when illuminated.  To date, we’ve not lost any of the 16 we managed locally.  Just clean the screens occasionally, wipe off any water/rain to keep the touch sensors working, and keep them warm.  Left them in the truck overnight before a February match and all the batteries were “dead” on account of the cold.   Turned on the heat and spread them across the seat warmer and they were good to go again 30 minutes later.

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