Pricing was developed over the course of several years helping out local matches. Our pricing is more competitive than other offerings available now and provides you with a more integrated solution tied to your existing website, scoring, and current process.

A typical integration is $250/setup and then $0.70 per registration billed monthly, quarterly, or annually. No contract commitments, use it as long as you’re happy with it.  For a typical match entry fee of $50, this is only a 1.4% overhead, less than a 1/3 of other competitive registration solutions.

We don’t process entry fees and don’t want to be in the business of handling your funds. We’ll invoice shooters through your PayPal account on your behalf to help you collect your match fees.


nook_nstWant a turn key solution with hardware?  Contact us about setting up a complete registration and scoring solution including iPad or Android/Nook Simple Touch tablets rooted and setup with Practiscore, battery powered wifi router for connectivity, and all of configured to take your exported match from ready to score.



Custom Integration & Invoicing
$250 / Setup
Integrated with your website.
Wordpress page templates for new matches.
Automatic match creation from your site.
Tie entries to users registered on your site.
Automatic PayPal Invoicing with your logo.
Waitlist entries for popular matches.
Custom emails to shooters.
Custom scoring templates for your format and penalties.
Simplified Hosted Registration
$0.75 / Registration
Hosted Match Administration
Hosted Registration
Concurrent Open Match Registrations
Self-Squading directions & PIN sent to shooters.
Export directly to Practiscore.
Billed quarterly, annually, or monthly.
No commitment.
$75/Setup Min.
$75 / Tablet
Nook Simple Touch e-Ink Tablet.
Robust inexpensive tablets which are daylight readable.
Software "Rooted"
Latest Practiscore app installed.
Wifi configured.
Add a matching battery powered router for $50.
Price per tablet, suggest one per stage plus a spare.