SquadSignup.com Features:

  • Integration into your existing website
  • Export all match data as a ready to score file in the free Practiscore app.
  • Provide self-squading to your shooters
  • For recurring matches, your shooters and ROs are automatically squaded to the same squad as the prior month.
  • Waitlist features. Registration flow is customizable, ensure your “helpers” make it into the match while waitlisting new folks automatically
  • Email templates built in & customizable.  Send confirmation of registration, an email when they’re promoted to the match and any other steps needed.
  • Use your own match template for Practiscore. Keep your penalties and scoring system already used.
  • Let your shooter database grow.  It keeps track of who was an RO for you, their association number, gender, and any other special flags like junior or military/LEO.
  • Let your users include a note on registration, who they have to shoot with or other pertinent info.
  • Keep your own private notes on each entry.



  • Easy squading and RO tracking