SquadSignup.com is a service to simplify the process between announcing a match and sending the first round downrange.

We provide match registration and administration for all types of shooting competitions. It integrates with the widely used and free Practiscore scoring app for iOS and Android to provide a complete registration, scoring, and results solution.

  • Easy squading and RO tracking

  • Online signup/registration embedded into your existing website.
  • Tracks squad assignment, division assignment, competitor attributes like Mil/Leo, Lady, Junior.
  • Allows the shooter to write a note at signup, and lets the match director take private notes too.
  • Allow shooters to do online self-squading.
  • Invoicing through PayPal or manually mark entries as paid.
  • Stage design, number of stages, points per stage are configurable.
  • Exports directly into PractiScore via their PSC backup file format.

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